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The Parking Lot is a Dangerous Place

I was walking around the parking lot when I noticed a stucco pillars in one of the carports was damaged.A large chunk of the stucco was missing and the floor was also sprinkled with stucco dust.I moved further into the carport and inspected the car parked there.The front bumper was cracked, scratched and had cream colored speckles that just so happened to match the pillar.Now, I ain’t no detective mind you, but I was fairly certain that this here damaged car I was staring at had run into that there pillar.I grabbed my phone and called the tenant.Tenant: HelloMe: Hi, I’m calling about the pillar in your carport that you ran into.Tenant: I didn’t run into anything.Me: Was someone else driving your car?Tenant: NoMe: I’m standing in your carport and the damage on your car matches the damage on the pillar. I’ll have the maintenance staff give you an estimate on the damage.Tenant: I didn’t run into anything. Maybe I gave the pole a little love tap, because it’s too close. I’m not paying for anything.”
Love tap?

I bent down and stared at the wooden beam and wires that were now exposed.He must have really loved that pillar.

Ps- He still swears that he never hit it.

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