About US


As a little girl, I used to dreamed of one day becoming an apartment manager. All right, that is a lie, I dreamed of being a babysitter. Which as it turns out, is the same thing.

I did the college thing, I did the Corporate America thing, and then ultimately decided I wanted to stay home with my kids(I have a lot). Unfortunately, being a SAHM pays nada, and my husband was in Dental School, and that pays nada as well. I decided to take a job as an apartment manager, first at a small building, and then at a much larger unit.

I have never met an apartment manager without at least one insane story to tell, and thus the creation of this here blog. I took a break from blogging when I got pregnant with twins. But decided to pick it back up, because really, property management is a stranger than fiction world, and doesn’t the internet deserve to know about it?